Form for adding a Gathering to our Directory

We are SO EXCITED you're hosting a SoulBook Gathering Experience! The world needs brave people to reach out and create opportunities for connection... thank you so much for being one of those people. We know beautiful things are going to happen as a result.

Below you'll find a form where you can enter all the info about your upcoming Gathering. You'll notice one question is whether your event is private or public: public events will be displayed on the public directory so that anyone can find them and get in touch with you about attending. Private events won't be displayed for others to see--but we'd still love to hear about yours so that we can send you encouragement, support, and resources.

(New! If you are just trying to find others in your area before you finalize your plans, you can post a Gathering in the directory with a date/time TBD so others in your area can connect with you and you can plan one together!)

If you have any questions or need help, send an email to'll be happy to help!