Remember the truth and power you already have, but sometimes forget.
A simple & powerful book made by you... we provide the words, you pick them.
What is a SoulBook?
A "SoulBook" is a powerful and simple cut & paste project. You'll create a little book full of meaningful images and powerful words your heart and mind may know intuitively, but often forget. It started as a project for women, but the movement has quickly grown to include materials tailor-made for men, teens, and children as well.

SoulBook can be done alone, as a family project, as an activity with local people, or as a school event for kids/teens via the SoulBook School Program.

We provide several sheets of images and words... you pick the ones which resonate with you.  Pasting those elements is the only essential part of this project--but you can also make a SoulBook into a full-on art project, complete with painting, drawing, doodling, collaging, or any other creative expression.
How do I do it?
Below, you'll find instructions and links to everything you need--from free downloadable word packets, to beautifully printed full kits for purchase from our shop.

SoulBook can be done alone or as a group. Check out the SoulBook Gathering Facebook page to connect with the rest of us participating in this movement!
1. Download the instructional PDF. It contains every step of the process, as well as a supply list.

2. Gather the materials you'll need. We provide everything you'll need in our shop, for any budget... from gorgeously printed full kits, to free word packet downloads.

3.  Make your first SoulBook! Follow along with the free videos in Brave Girl University.

4.  Connect with everyone else in this movement! Join the FB group for inspiration and support, and share your work with fellow SoulBookers. You can even find/host a SoulBook event in your area!
Helpful Links
Gorgeously printed workbooks, book materials, and more, shipped right to your door.
Free downloads of the all-important word sheets (separate versions for women, men, kids, and teens)
SoulBook is happening worldwide! Come join like-minded souls in this awesome movement.
A program specially designed for holding SoulBook events in a school setting.